The Evening Standard’s ultimate response to my ‘PH’ complaint

Today’s Evening Standard features a column by their in house doctor, Christian Jessen in which he responds to my complaints and sets the record straight on alkaline diets, which he describes as ‘silly but harmless’.

I am pleased that Dr Jessen has pointed out just how nonsensical these kind of diets are. I am also glad to see he has pointed out Robert Young’s lack of credentials.

This is a result! I feel I can now draw a line under the whole thing.

Just one slight niggle…

Dr Jessen seems to think I am overreacting and that the Alkaline Diet is basically (pun unintended) a good one. In order to clarify my feelings on this, I submitted a comment (and this really is the end of it):

I complained to the Evening Standard about the article last week and also described it as ‘potentially dangerous’.

To clarify, I used the word ‘dangerous’ because the diet’s proponents (such as Young) advise cancer patients and diabetics to cease their medication.

I also feel that the diet itself is unnecessarily restrictive and therefore not a ‘healthy, balanced diet’.

I feel articles like the one in last week’s Standard promote and lend credibility to nutritionists such as Young and his followers (including Victoria Stewart’s ‘blood analyst’, Gareth Edwards). This is why I made the original complaint.

Thank you for helping to set the record straight.


2 responses to “The Evening Standard’s ultimate response to my ‘PH’ complaint

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