More complaints to the ASA and the Evening Standard

The Evening Standard still haven’t replied to my last last email so I thought I’d send them another one:

Dear Charlotte,

I am still awaiting your response to my last email (see below). I would like to point out that I feel strongly about this issue and am not able to simply forget about it now that the article has been removed from the website.

For your information, I have been looking at more detail at the websites of Stephanie Morgan ( and Gareth Edwards ( and have complained about them to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Since my last email, I have discovered that the Energise for Life ( website is not run by Edwards himself, although he does have an involvement. Since I believe this site also contains inaccurate and misleading information, I have complained about that too.

If you are interested, you can find further details regarding these complaints on my blog (

I look forward to your response.


One response to “More complaints to the ASA and the Evening Standard

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