The Evening Standard’s response to my ‘PH’ complaint

Since my complaint about the ‘PH’ article, I have had an email from

Thank you for your letter regarding the article: Raise Your pH. Victoria Stewart’s response is included below.
Best regards

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross
Executive Features Editor
The Evening Standard

Victoria said:

“Thank you for your response to my feature article published in the London Evening Standard on Wednesday entitled “Raise your pH”. However there are a few things which I should clarify.

Often with our health features, when a new diet, fitness craze or beauty product stimulates positive response elsewhere, our writers are commissioned to try them out and detail their experiences. In this case, we were approached by a London-based nutritionist about the alkaline detox programme, which – whether effective or not – is something celebrities had also trialled in recent months. So on that basis we decided to run an article in which I wrote about what happened when I undertook a challenge to raise my pH for one week.

While I accept that some of the comments regarding the pH level of some Londoners are ambiguous, I was given misleading information by a person in the health industry about how a programme such as this one would affect a person’s pH level and how to go about testing it.

However, I do not believe it is dangerous since at no point do I recommend the programme to anyone else or suggest that it has any other benefits except to aid sleep or bloating and obtain brighter skin and greater alertness.

My intention was not to mislead anybody.

Best wishes,

I am still formulating my thoughts and will post any further developments here.


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