Why do UK websites not publicise ‘Dr’ Robert O Young’s revolutionary theories?

We have established that Robert Young’s views on diet and health are somewhat unusual and contradictory to science. Are those UK practitioners and nutritionists who promote his diet aware of his more controversial beliefs about diabetes and viruses? If so, do they share his beliefs? Why are his most revolutionary theories not mentioned on their websites?

To establish just how outrageous his views are, you need only take a look at his blog. It makes fascinating and frightening reading. There are many, many examples of mistaken and frankly quite weird ideas about diet. There are lots of strong implications that he believes cancer can be prevented or reversed by following his pH Miracle plan. There are also a handful of odd posts where he appears not to even believe in the existence of viruses. Everything seems to come down to pH as far as he is concerned.

He believes that HIV is not the cause of AIDS and that HIV/AIDS can be reversed with diet. He says ‘clear the acid and you remove the symptom or HIV/Aids syndrome’. He claims ‘no scientific literature exists that proves HIV is the cause of AIDS or any other illness’.

He believes diabetes can be prevented or reversed, and advises diabetics to stop taking insulin. Instead, they should treat themselves with his pH Miracle Diabetes Lifestyle and Diet.

He has similarly strange ideas about swine flu, not believing the symptoms are caused by the virus, not even believing there is a virus, and not believing the illness to be contagious.

Young’s own pH Miracle website is also awash with fantastic and audacious claims and implications with regard to diabetes, cancer and even nuclear fallout from Japan.

On the contrary, UK websites promoting the Alkaline Diet (and/or Live Blood Analysis) and quoting ‘Dr’ Robert O Young tend to be far more subtle. It is difficult to find any reference to his more obviously nutty ideas. If they are mentioned at all it is in an indirect way and not on the front page.

Why is this? If they believe he is a ‘top research scientist’ and he believes cancer, diabetes and AIDS can be reversed by following his advice surely this is of interest to their readers? If they are going to (strongly) imply diabetes or cancer can be reversed by following their advice, why not say this on the front page? I have decided to send a few polite emails out and will report back on my findings.

8 responses to “Why do UK websites not publicise ‘Dr’ Robert O Young’s revolutionary theories?

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  4. Do you think the FDA or world corporations would allow the truth that cancer has many cures remove the profits from their medical industry ?






  5. As per statistics of 2001 , top 10 pharma companies made more profit than remaining top Fortune 500 companies….They will always lobby against somoene like Young…..

  6. 2 words my love – wake up!!

    I’ve studied Roberts work extensively and it has had a profound effect on my life, the lives of the people I coach and 1000’s of other people who now understand how the body really works.

    If you really think that medical science has it right then how come the countries with the “best” medical care are the sickest? Stop believing the illusion and use your common sense.

    Also I personally know many people who have reversed Cancer and Diabetes using diet alone – and using his methods.

    I also see that you dis live blood testing. How come then I say my blood go from looking like hell with all the cells stuck together to look perfectly healthy with plump, healthy cells after a few months of changing my diet? By some strange co-incidence I went from feeling like crap with no energy to feeling better than I felt since I was a kid. Weird that – but of course couldn’t be anything to do with my diet.

    We will look back at pioneers like Robert young one day wondering how we could have been so easily mislead.

    WAKE UP and spend your time doing something useful – rather than running this negative, waste of web space x

    • Hello Tim, thanks for your comment.

      I don’t think anyone is disputing that adopting a healthy diet has health benefits.

      I’m wondering, are you a fitness coach? Do you coach people with cancer and/or diabetes?

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