Meat makes you smelly and flatulent and blood is built out of light

Robert Young has some very strange ideas about meat, algae and mushrooms. He describes them below, during his interview for the Renegade Health Show in December 2009.

Here are some of the more peculiar statements he makes for those who don’t have time to watch it:

  • Meat destroys the body
  • You can kill yourself quickly with meat
  • Meat will kill you faster than anything
  • Meat does not add any nutritional value other than destroy your life
  • Meat constipates your body and that’s why most people stink and have body odour
  • Your ‘eliminations’ smell because you eat meat
  • Most people are flatulent because they eat meat
  • You can smell somebody that’s a meat eater
  • You can tell somebody is a meat eater by looking at their eyes and skin
  • People who eat meat often start to look like the animals they’ve eaten
  • Our bodies do not feed on calories but on electrons
  • Proteins are in general harmful to the body and should be eliminated
  • The body does not build muscle and bone with protein but with blood
  • Blood is built out of light
  • Blood is a transformation of green foods and green drinks
  • Every time you eat algaes (sic) and fungi and bacterias (sic) that we call healthy bacteria (probiotics), all you do is take one step closer to the grave
  • Dairy products are harmful to us too and should be curtailed
  • Lactic acid is one of the major acids for causing cancer
  • If the cell’s environment is not alkaline, it will start transforming into algaes (sic) and mushrooms
  • When you look at an electron micrograph of lung cancer, the lungs are full of algaes (sic) and mushrooms

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