Live Blood Analysis, pleomorphism and the Advertising Standards Authority

I have been reading the websites of UK practitioners of Live Blood Analysis with increasing interest.

As explained on the Solar Health website, Live Blood Analysis is based on the theory of pleomorphism, as proposed by Günther Enderlein. He believed small harmless particles present in every animal or plant can, under certain circumstances, transform into larger pathogenic bacteria or fungi. In terms of modern day understanding of microbiology, this clearly makes no sense. Practitioners’ websites often do not clarify that this view is in disagreement with modern medicine.

I believe such practitioners are making inaccurate, seductive statements about the potential benefits of this (and other techniques). I feel strongly that they are misleading vulnerable members of the public and discouraging them from seeking medical advice. It is particularly worrying when they imply they can diagnose and treat serious and potentially life threatening conditions such as diabetes. As a result, I have been complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority.

I have so far complained about: See My Cells, live blood test, Steps to Perfect Health, In Health and Solar Health.

There are lots more out there.


UPDATE (23/09/11)

After writing the above, I continued to make complaints to the ASA about Live Blood Analysis. Several of these were informally resolved (including those about Solar Health, Steps To Perfect Health and In Health). A later complaint (about a Groupon promotion for Live Blood Test) resulted in an adjudication (blogged here).

However, since receiving this letter from the ASA, explaining that they do not have time to investigate all my complaints, I do not intend to make any more for the time being. I am hopeful though, that at least another of my complaints will result in adjudication and that they will follow up with compliance action across the sector.

6 responses to “Live Blood Analysis, pleomorphism and the Advertising Standards Authority

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  3. Medical/pharmaceutical advice/treatment is well known for scheming and has caused thousands of gullible innocent people to die each year.I have seen thousands of lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies over the past 6 years for drugs that have caused deadly side effects and even deaths reported since there drug doctors prescribed them.Those people should be in jail for fraud.

  4. Melissa,

    Apologies for not responding sooner – I was on holiday when I received your comment above. I hadn’t realised conventional medicine was ‘well known’ for scheming as I had only heard of this kind of thing on unreliable, relatively obscure sources such as Natural News. If you could provide more information on this, I would find it interesting.

    I agree – if gullible innocent people are dying because of ‘scheming’, it is only right and proper that those responsible are brought to justice. I personally am not aware of ‘thousands’ of lawsuits and would be interested to hear more on this subject.

    I think it worth pointing out, however, that millions of lives are saved every year by conventional medicine. In fact without it, I almost certainly wouldn’t be here today discussing it. I also think it important to mention that the conventional sector is regulated far more strictly than the ‘alternative’ health market.

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