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Who can I complain to about Errol Denton?

Someone out there has been pondering this very question.

The following were all typed into Google yesterday and all found my blog:

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I have plenty of suggestions for who you can complain to.

But first, for the benefit of newcomers, I will explain a little bit about Errol. Continue reading

Radio 4 You & Yours investigate unregulated ‘live’ blood tests

Thursday’s BBC Radio 4 You & Yours featured a report on live blood analysis.

I won’t go into too much background detail about the technique, the practitioners featured, the Groupon deals I’ve reported to the Advertising Standards Authority or the angry and disappointed customers who found my blog (and subsequently spoke to the media). I have already written about those things extensively (see ‘Further reading’, below).

Let me just share some highlights… Continue reading

Fitalifestyle added to ASA Hall of Shame

Less than two weeks after publishing a fourth adjudication against them, the Advertising Standards Authority have added Errol Denton’s Fitalifestyle (t/a See My Cells and Live Blood Test) to their list of non-compliant online advertisers.

Denton earned his place in this Hall of Shame with a very ill-judged response to this adjudication, which concerned some ludicrous claims about chlorophyll. He duly deleted the claims from this page of the See My Cells site, only for them later to appear here below an ‘OFFICIALLY PROVEN PHOTO TAKEN FROM NASA WEBSITE!!!’ Continue reading

Fitalifestyle continue to make dubious health claims – even after four ASA adjudications

The Advertising Standards Authority have published a fourth adjudication against material promoting Errol Denton’s Fitalifestyle – as the original complainant explains here. This concerns claims made about nutritional microscopy (also known as live blood analysis), in this case appearing on the FAQ page of his See My Cells website.

The previous three related to a Nutritional Microscopy leaflet, laughable claims about chlorophyll and an ill-advised Groupon promotion. Although the ASA ruled that these ads must not appear again in their current form, the latter two remain online here and here.

But that’s not all… Even if Denton had complied with the demands of the four adjudications, his sites would, in my opinion, still blatantly breach the CAP code, since misleading and unsubstantiated statements abound. These include claims and implications of medical efficacy against a wide range of conditions – some of them serious. Continue reading

Another bloody disgrace from Groupon!

Excuse my belligerent tone but I truly am appalled and frustrated that despite  numerous complaints, innocent members of the public are still being misled by Live Blood Analysts promoted by Groupon.

In addition to making misleading claims in his advertising, one practitioner, Errol Denton, has even – according to comments made online – been treating customers appallingly, resulting in a ‘mass refund’ from Groupon, as well as an adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority against the original ad.

Continue reading